Review choices

This can take a few forms based on the need highlighted from the initial discussion. One or all may be necessary.

  • Culture review. This would be run as a group taking a look at the current situation within the company with regard to culture. It would ask questions like
    • Do documented purpose and values exist for the business?
    • What level of understanding of these exist across all employees?
    • Are they still valid for the current situation?
    • What behaviour conflicts with the values?
  • Strategic business review. This is a broader look at the challenges the business faces and consider where engagement would help or have the most effect. Again, the size and scale of this is dependant on the company.
  • Organisational review. This will take a look at the current structure of the company, consider the personnel involved with a mindset of engagement. Further along business factors would need to be considered but at this stage we would be looking to uncover potential hurdles any initiative would need to solve.

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