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In the UK the workplace engagement statistics are shockingly poor, businesses across the country are still refusing to work on their number one issue, that we believe, will have the biggest impact on the success or failure of their business, ENGAGEMENT at work.

The statistics are showing a lowly 17% of UK staff are fully engaged in their in work which means a mighty 83% of employees are not giving all they can to the business, its by far the largest inefficiency that exists. As UK overall productivity continues to lag behind other countries in Europe and with BREXIT looming why would your business not wish to know;

1 – where you score with engagement and,

2 – what are the things you can do to improve it?

At EngagedAssociates.com we have a passion for helping businesses begin to think harder and longer around engagement in their workplaces, aim to help educate and bring awareness of the type of issues that may exist, and offer practical advice on activities to improve. There is not a magic pill to take and all will be well, it is a hard emotional journey that requires to be started and continued with focus and conviction. The rewards speak for themselves with highly engaged companies out performing competitors by some margin. Their stock price outperforms the stock market, survive tough times with increased resilience, and best of all, offer a workplace that is rewarding and healthier for those working there.

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